This past weekend Travis turned three.  We celebrated at the ranch since there is probably no other place he would rather be.

He is still trying to master the three fingers trick.


I love this guy.  I love that he counts to twenty always skipping 13 and replacing 17 with “eleventeen”.  I love that he can spot a taxi, police car, motorcycle, or airplane when I can’t even find them myself.  I love that he wants to eat the exact same meal every day at lunch.  I love that it takes more shampoo to wash his hair than my own.  I love that he will wipe out, stand up, and keep going before anyone even has time to react.  I love that he eats, sleeps, & bathes with his cars.  I love that he sings worship songs in the car even when the music isn’t on.

And I love that I’m still his favorite girl.  I hope some day that does change and he meets an amazing, Christian woman he wants to marry.  But for the next 20 yrs, I’m ok with being his #1.

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