The cat is out of the bag

Well, since the news has leaked and it’s now a reality, I thought it was time to OFFICIALLY let everyone know what all is happening over here at Peacock Photography.

We recently moved to San Antonio!  That’s right….MOVED.  Exciting and crazy scary all at the same time.  For the business, it doesn’t mean too much.  We have always done about 50% of our business in San Antonio already.  So we plan to just keep chugging along, and will continue taking weddings wherever.  I am looking forward to getting to know the SA market and other vendors even better now.  I love that the relationships we already do have here will be able to grow even more.  We have worked with some very talented people already!

We will, however, still have Kate working out of Austin and we will ALSO have Cyndea operating out of Fredericksburg (yep, she and her family have moved too!).  LOTS of changes going on around here.

In addition…….(drumroll please)……….

Cyndea is also having another baby!!!!!!  We are due exactly 4 months apart (which is pretty stinking cool since our first 2 kids are each 4 months and 3 months apart).  We also got married 3 months apart.  It’s weird, we know 🙂  It was a nice little “surprise” for everyone and I’m so pumped for them.The cat is out of the bag

MORE updates……Cyndea is taking her own weddings now (as well as Kate who just shot our brother’s wedding a couple months ago….which will be blogged soon).  These two will become especially handy as I get larger and larger in the fall.  We just couldn’t say “no” to a few clients’ weddings that we are really excited about in October (when I’m going to be waddling around).

So back to moving.  It was always something Dave and I were considering, but the longer we lived in Austin, the more I fell in love with that town.  Seriously, it rocks.  But after LOTS of prayer and Godly counsel, we decided to make the move for our family.  It was definitely a leap of faith putting our house on the market with no house to move into in San Antonio.  But once again, God has totally provided.

We were incredibly sad to leave our friends and neighbors in Austin.  But we are pumped to be closer to our families.  Of course there are many pros and cons to leaving Austin and moving to San Antonio.  But after more than a year of prayer and seeking God’s direction, we are confident in our decision to start this next phase of our lives in a new place…..a place that has always been “home” to both Dave and me, but will now be where we hopefully spend the rest of our lives.

As well as moving cities, David and a friend have recently left their jobs to start their own law firm.  Check it out: Garcia & Hornberger, LLP.  It has been so awesome to see them both so excited about this new venture.  We would not have made these crazy life changes without feeling like God was calling us in this direction, and having that decision affirmed through our supportive community is pretty awesome.

Now begins a new phase of our lives. And after the dust has settled and we get a little more organized, I hope to be back to “normal”….if there is such a thing!  So bear with us as we get all the Spring/Summer weddings edited and blogged.  So much is piling up I can barely breathe some days.  But as we work through the new structure of the business and get our new routines going, we hope to soon be going full steam again.  In the meantime, notice our contact info has changed a little.

Emails are still the same:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

NEW OFFICE #: (210) 446.4295

My cell is still the same for clients who need to reach me directly (but I plan to only give that out to current clients).  All new inquiries can go through email and the new office number.  For our mailing address, email me!

Please keep us in your prayers as we all adjust to a new city, new schools, new routines, and a new job for Dave!  And if you made it to the end of this incredibly long post, thank you.  We value our friends and client relationships more than you all realize!