Tell us about finding your wedding dress. Scott proposed the Saturday before Thanksgiving and just a few days before we were heading to San Antonio for the holiday. The week had already promised to be fun and exciting as Scott’s mom also was coming in to meet my family and to spend this week of thanks together. It was the perfect time to celebrate our new engagement. The following weekend, my mom, grandmother and I decided to head to Julian Gold simply to “see what dresses are out there.” As it turned out, my perfect dress was out there.  Being able to share that moment in the company of two other generations was magnificent.

Describe your wedding flowers and the colors you chose….and why! It was the first color scheme that came to mind and that no other could beat. We knew from the start that our wedding would be black tie and quickly decided that shades of white (i.e., ivory, champagne, cream, etc.), chocolate brown and metallic gold and silver would elegantly complement our vision. It was the perfect way to do a fall wedding and the yummy chocolate brown looked smashing on my fair complected bridesmaids. They were beautiful!

What were your favorite details? Rebecca and I are self-proclaimed foodies so it was no surprise when we decided we wanted our reception menu to be incredible. Rebecca spent weeks working directly with the talented Chef Nelson Milan at SACC to create a very special seasonal menu that perfectly reflected our tastes and the elegance of the evening. People are still talking about that butternut squash soup …

Did you have any traditions or special events that were a part of your wedding? I incorporated into my bouquet a gold tree of life bracelet that my mother received from her mother and then wore when she and my dad got married.

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