This is me saying I’m not blogging the rest of this week….because I can.  In fact, I’m actually probably not blogging much next week either. Lots going on behind the scenes and 2011 is off to a rocky start.  I hate saying that, but I’m not about to pretend like I’ve got it all together.  I always laugh when people comment on how I always have a million things going on…and they ask how I do it all.  Ummm….I don’t.  Do I really make it seem that way?  There actually are a TON of little things getting neglected every day.  So I’m going to be working my tail off for the rest of this month to GET IT TOGETHER.

Last week our family was sick.  Everyone on different days…thankfully, I guess.  And it really set me back even further on my to-do list(s).  BUT I did like laying low and hibernating for several days.  One day I didn’t even go outside (or maybe it was more than one day….but I probably shouldn’t admit that).  Our lives for that week consisted of:

movie marathons

pjs and messy hair all day

amazing hot chocolate with a splash of coffee (that’s how I roll)

magic markers (a great solution for a child who likes to draw outside the lines…..and OFF THE PAPER)

long naps for the kids (halelujah!)

and snoring dogs

dukes-paw-sleeping-2-L kids-watching-movie-L mac-sleeping-and-hot-choc-L pjs-and-messy-hair-2-L


Beginning in February will be the new me….Cat 2.0.  Watch out!

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