How to Feed Twins by Yourself

The most important decision in planning a family comes with having a baby with your partner. It excites many parents about having twins or even triplets because they find it exciting. Few generations back, having twins was like a boon. With the advance of science and also the awareness about twins and triplets, couples find it more exciting to raise twins or triplets.

Now, that involves a lot of commitments. Undoubtedly, we plan a lot of things involving our partners, don’t we? We fantasize about a lot of things – the kid being silenced in the middle of the night. A child being taken on a walk, engaging the kid in a lot of fun-filled activities.

All this might sound exciting. But there is one thing which your partner can hardly help you with. Yes, feeding the newborn. For instance, if we enquire most new mothers, the one answer that they give in common would be the hard task of feeding their newborn. While it is difficult handling a single child, think of the challenges of a mother who has a twin or triplets.

Feeding twins and triplets is a challenging task. So, here we are, out with a few tips on, guiding you on this minor challenge. In the market, there are so many models to assist moms in feeding their twins. So you can choose the best high chair for twins as they move to their next milestone.

Benefits of breastfeeding for your baby

Before we proceed with the tips on how to feed a twin yourself, it’s important to know the benefits of breastfeeding. Feeding a child is the most basic care that amounts to the overall nutrition supply for the child. It is always best to opt for the natural method of breastfeeding. suggests that the most effective, easiest, and most natural method of feeding a baby is the breastfeeding method. While there could be a lot of reasons when a mother decides otherwise, natural breastfeeding extends that one additional benefit for the child. Yes!

Psychologically, a child who had to breastfeed seems to feel more secure and safe with the mother’s heartbeat close to its ears. That’s not all. Natural breastfeeding provides Superior nutrition to the newborn. It is believed and even proved that breastfeeding also reduces the risk of the child being prone to allergies, infections, and makes the child naturally resistant to certain diseases.

It is said that breastmilk has the highest amount of immune developing antibodies making the child less vulnerable to common diseases. So, the more you breastfeed your child, it requires the less hospitalization. Also, breastmilk contributes to the healthy weight gain of the child allowing the child to grow at the perfect growth rate.

How to Feed Twins by Yourself

Benefits of breastfeeding for the mother

Wondering, what would be benefits for the mother? Do you? As the child enjoys all the benefits of breast milk, a lactating new mom is also said to experience a lot of benefits. We commonly believe that a lactating mother gains a lot of weight post-pregnancy. They prove it otherwise.

It contributes to burning those extra calories in some mothers. Not just that. Your baby also contributes to your health. Yes! That sounds interesting to know that breastfeeding even reduces the chances of ovarian and breast cancer. Even it regulates the menstruation post-pregnancy.


Challenges of feeding a newborn

A struggle of a new mother is equivalent to that of a newborn child. She experiences a lot of difficulties. Be it holding the child’s head in a certain position, handling the child’s movements in balancing the feeding position to experience fatigue for herself, the struggles can just merge in just a few points.

While certain situations remain as the package in the part of motherhood, few tips would help the new mother to take care of the feeding needs of the baby. focuses on the challenges that a new mom faces while breastfeeding her loved ones. This includes twins and triplets, too.

Poor feeding

It is important to be aware of poor feeding. A mom always feels confused about the frequency of feeding her newborn. She ends up confused about how many times to feed her newborn. Although in most cases, the newborn shows little interest in getting fed.

As a result, it might end up being poorly fed. Whether it is a natural breastfeed or an alternate source, the frequency of feeding a newborn varies from age. We advise it to stick to breastfeeding until 2 years of age.

How to feed your newborn on your own?

  • Know the demand of the child for effective feeding. The mother knows best for the needs of their child.
  • Responsive feeding involves feeding the child by making eye contact with the kid.
  • Maintaining a proper posture for the mother and the child is important. The child’s head may get balanced little above its body.
  • The mother may support herself using a pillow or the best high chair for twins available in the market for feeding babies for 6 months and above.
  • The seating posture of the mother matters the most, as in the long run the mother may experience back pain, especially with C-section surgeries.
  • Children with low birth weight and incubated babies may require frequent feeding and regular attention. Proper nutrition, hydration, maintaining a balanced diet of the mother are equally important for the healthy feed of a child.

How to Feed Twins by Yourself

How to feed your twins or triplets on your own?

Feeding a twin or a triplet may be more challenging than a single child.  Here are a few tips:

  • First, the best feeding posture is important. We suggest the usage of a perfect high chair for feeding.
  • Twin babies often end up being premature. Hence, pumping the breast milk or bottling the milk may help at the timely feeding of the twins, especially when the kids get incubated.
  • Look for someone who can nurse you through the feeding process. Your partner may assist you in handling the newborn.
  • We advise it to pump and store your milk, especially during public spaces, or at meetings to avoid unwanted attention.
  • Formula feeding has gained popularity, especially for feeding twins. This is easy and effective because this ensures simultaneous feeding for twins.
  • Schedule your feed with frequent intervals.


This article has guided you through the advantages of breastfeeding and tips for feeding your twins or triplets. This may be useful for the working woman who loves to plan their baby’s care efficiently, even amidst their hectic schedule. Hope this provides inputs on the best ways to feed your newborn. For more details regarding breastfeeding for new moms, you can check out Happy feeding.