Are Baby Gates Necessary

Children are investigative and eager towards exploring things. They love to put everything into their mouth, push or pull objects, playing with the gates, and hanging cords. Sometimes even the most harmless objects may turn into as a minefield of dangers to them.

There are several steps to take at home for your baby’s safety. Here there is a list of safety considerations that you have to implement in your house. Every day is going to be a challenge to being a new parent. Many new tasks arrive when your baby turns into a toddler.

During this transition, it is important to baby-proof your entire house. Specifically, the foremost thing to do is buying quality baby gates for your house. One of the foremost things is to find the best baby gates for the stairs and outdoors. Let us explore!

Safety baby gates

Buying a baby gate involves a lot of research from your side. Every parent wishes the best products for their kids. Any product that involves your baby’s safety should come first and remain uncompromised.

Are baby gates essential?

Answering the above question, it is absolutely a big ‘YES’.

As your babies grow as toddlers, they love to explore, and it is a natural thing. Even if you are always with your baby and monitoring them now and then, it is still a good idea to be precautious.

Just imagine what might happen if you stuck with some other work or if you took your eye off your child for a minute. They might fell from the stairs or got into the kitchen where there are lots of harmful things. So it is wise to use safety baby gates in your house.

Are Baby Gates Necessary

How baby gates protect your toddler?

Have you heard people saying about baby accidents at home? It is mostly because of hazardous places like the kitchen and bathroom in our house. For instance:

In the living areas, TV sets, bookcases and loose wire connections and cords can be an enormous risk to your loved ones. Stationery items like pencils and erasers are highly dangerous as children think that is cool to chew those items.

Another major problem is the staircase. These are dangerous for toddlers and old aged people. It is better to place a baby gate and preferably gates at both the top and bottom for maximum safety. Because if a baby can climb the stair, there are also chances to fall. It is good to install baby gates for safety reasons.

Fear, not mommy! There are a lot of choices for you to find the best baby gates for the stairs.

Benefits of using baby gates

Safety: Baby gates are inevitable, as it is foremost and important for your baby’s safety. Mounting baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, in doorways, and around other objects to keep your baby away from risks.

Play zone: By positioning baby gates wherever required, it creates a play zone for your toddler. Your baby itself will get to know about his or her play area.

Separation of pets from children: Baby gates are the best option if you don’t want your children to play with pets at the initial stages of childhood for safety considerations.

Stress-free: Children are curious about everything. They love exploring their surroundings. It is an added advantage if your baby can play and explore in safe places without continuous supervision. Then it is automatically less stressful for parents.

Important features to concern in choosing a baby gate

When you buy gates either online or through the store, check width measurements of doors and openings.

Durability: Look for sturdy construction and an even finish. Gates shout to keep their pressure and should last for a long time. It is better to buy reputable products as they come with a warranty to replace parts or the entire gate if any defect is found.

Safety certification: Any product that you buy for your baby should meet your country’s safety standards and make sure they are certified as safe to use by your country.

Operation: The baby gate must be smooth to handle when you open and close, and so that parents can move easily through the gate. Don’t let your toddler open or close the gate at any cost.

Slats gap:  Slats should not be horizontal but in vertical to avoid climbing. The slat gap should not be over 3 cm (CENTIMETRE). Wider gaps lead to children getting stuck or squeezing between them.

Height: The height of the gate should be at least three times taller than your baby’s height. As some kids climb over a gate and play adventurously. Any gate you purchase should be 23 inches high for safety.

Other features: Depending upon your requirement, you can place a mini light to use safely during night time. With perfect measurements, you can customize and provide the best baby gates for the stairs.

Are Baby Gates Necessary

Things to be avoided while buying a baby gate

Do not buy old-fashioned gates and gates with V-shaped openings at the top that don’t provide a horizontal bar at the top. Always buy a new gate with a guarantee for your child’s safety. Old products are unsafe for your children. There are various brands available in the market which suits your budget. So choose the perfect best baby gates for the stairs.

Types of baby gates

Two major classifications of baby gates regarding how you want to secure them to walls and doorways are given below.

Pressure mounted gates

These gates are the best option for any place where falling is not the biggest hazard. It secures them into positions using pressure from the two surfaces it positions the gate between them. You can easily move it to different places. These gates are quicker and easier to install. It doesn’t damage walls and doorways with holes.

Hardware mounted gates

These gates are a splendid solution for places that need a more permanent solution, like between a living room and kitchen. The best and safest solution in case of tops of the staircase. This gate requires drilling holes in walls and screwing the gate into that place to secure it. A pressure-mounted gate at the top of the stairway is a significant risk of being pushed down by pets or other objects which leads to injury.


Though baby gates are highly safe for your kids to move around, regular supervision is also important at the same time. Slowly explain to them how to use the staircase and doorways. Remember, never let them go alone. Start introducing your kid to various places at home and keep a close eye on them when they move independently.

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