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I could not get over this girl and her dress.  It was so perfect and she looked beautiful!  I just loved getting to spend time with her (and Ali!) walking ALL OVER THE PLACE.  I enjoyed it so much that I completely lost track of time (shocker) and got home way late.  But it was so worth it (my favorite shot was taken in the last 5 minutes)!


And when you can’t stop furrowing your brow, it helps to bring your best friend along to assist…  (sorry, I couldn’t resist)


It was so much fun meeting up with Morgan after all these years.  I’ve known her since elementary school, so we go WAY back. 

is a very talented girl.  She works as a print artist for
Chico’s….meaning she designs the patterns on clothes.  I’ve always
wondered who does that…I think that’s so cool.  She is very artistic
and very creative.  She not only MADE HER OWN WEDDING DRESS, but did
her own hair, and designed and created all the details for the wedding
(which you will see later).  AND she even did her own dress fitting! 
How one does that, I will never understand.  But one thing is for sure, she’s got talent!

morgan bridal under arches BW 2.jpgmorgan bridal crazy gate.jpgmorgan bridal wood building.jpgmorgan bridal old wall.jpgmorgan bridal backlit BW.jpgmorgan bridal looking up.jpg


Morgan got married 2 weekends ago, and I’m just now getting to share a glimpse of her bridal beauty.  Hopefully the rest will come later this week…

morgan bridal sneak peek-3233 BW.jpg


I love Gruene.  I spent a lot of time there in college when I lived in New Braunfels.  And I always love a reason to get back.  My first bridal portraits were there…..before I ever shot a wedding….back when I used to say “I’ll never do weddings”.  Ha.  Funny how things change :)

I loved my afternoon spent with Sarah and her aunt.  They were so fun to hang out with and I almost felt like I was also part of the family by the end of it.  Sarah is such a cool girl.  And I wish I had a video instead of pictures, just so you could hear her voice.  I love her voice…don’t even know why, I just like it.  It’s definitely a “cool” voice.  And I have no idea what that even means, but she is so sweet and such a loving person.  You instantly feel like she’s someone you want to be friends with by the way she talks to you. 

s cozad and blue door.jpg

s cozad and barn.jpg
s cozad gate and porch.jpg

s cozad backlit BW.jpg

s cozad in boots.jpg

s cozad gazebo doorway.jpg

I haven’t made time to post all of Sarah’s bridal pics I want to share.  But I just had to show y’all these.  Sarah grew up on a ranch, so what is more fitting than a legit pair of cowboy boots?

s cozad dress and boots 2.jpg

…complete with wedding date and new monogram!


I first met Lisa when she was in high school, while she was visiting her sister (my roommate) in college.  I’m pretty sure she said all of two words the whole time.  She was a tiny, sweet little thing….but oh so shy (at least around me). 

And now, still tiny and sweet, she’s transformed into this beautiful woman with an infectious personality.  She’s pretty, funny, and genuine.  One of the funniest moments to me of the whole wedding weekend was when I asked her if she wanted to do something for a picture and she replied (in her sweet voice) “yeah, probably not”.  I couldn’t help but die laughing inside, knowing she was like, “Cat, come on….do you really think I want to do that in my wedding dress?” 

I still laugh to myself just thinking about her reaction.

Back to the bridal portraits.  She stunning.  Beauty on the outside + a heart for the Lord = quite a catch! 
Way to go Daniel :)

lisa bridal looking down.jpgWe took these bridals in the INSANELY humid city of Houston.  She held up very well in that heat….until we all decided it was torture and we were crazy for still being outside! 

lisa bridal garden bench.jpg
lisa bridal garden closeup BW.jpg
lisa bridal with lantern BW.jpg
lisa bridal railing series.jpg
lisa bridal BW chair series A.jpg
lisa bridal door reflection.jpg
lida bridal BW couch with art.jpg
lisa bridal fountains.jpg
lisa bridal veil dark bckgrnd.jpgSTUNNING! 

Hair and make-up by Leah with Your Beautiful Face


I FINALLY get to show off this pretty girl now that she’s off the market.

lisa sneak peek.jpgWedding dress with pockets?  Awesome.

And I loved having her older sister, Val, help make sure every detail was perfect (for the wedding too).  This picture is just too cute….  

val helping lisa.jpgSo much more to come this week…



I absolutely loved this shoot.  I had been looking forward to it for months.  After doing Jessica and Jamie’s engagement pics, I knew she would be a beautiful bride.  And so natural!  I barely had to give her any kind of instruction the whole time.  She just did her thing and it was perfect.  It made my job a breeze!

I love the setting for these photos.  It worked out so perfectly with her dress and style.

jham closeup on settee.jpg
jham on settee inside.jpg

jham hand on gate inside.jpg
jham cool window.jpg
jham closeup by rose arch.jpgjham by double roses.jpg
jham outside by building.jpg
jham double by columns.jpg
jham standing by columns.jpgShe is not only stunning, but so fun to work with.  I loved getting to know her better over the past several months.  And her wedding was a blast!  I can’t wait to share those soon too!


I LOOOOOVE these bridals.  And when I share the rest, y’all will totally agree!  I was looking forward to this shoot from the day I took Jessica and Jamie’s engagement pictures.  She is just one of those people who are, first of all, photogenic, and second, just know how to work the camera.  Haha….hope that totally embarrasses her!  But I just couldn’t get over how natural and comfortable she was (or even if she wasn’t, she sure seemed like she was a pro)!  I really didn’t even have to tell her a thing…..just let her rock that camera.

Absolute beauty here….and this isn’t even in my top favorites…

jham checker background closeup.jpg