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In January I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with Noonday Collection to Guatemala to photograph some of the artisans that they work with. Learn more about Noonday Collection here!

We started in Antigua where the first photos are taken and then traveled to smaller villages to work with two different groups of scarf weavers on designs for both the spring and fall lines of Noonday. It was such an honor to capture stories of these beautiful women and how they work so hard to provide for their families. I made friends especially with three of the little girls from the first group :).

OH. And I got to go to a place where they grow/harvest coffee. Seriously?? I think that I am even more in love with coffee after seeing the pretty shades of cream and brown and grey that the beans turn in the drying process. As well as how they hand pick the good  out of the bad beans for roasting.

All in all, it was so cool to see how women are women wherever you are… how beauty and craft and hard work and love for family are a heartbeat behind what we do no matter what language you speak. I think I might just have to go back…



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