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I love Gruene.  I spent a lot of time there in college when I lived in New Braunfels.  And I always love a reason to get back.  My first bridal portraits were there…..before I ever shot a wedding….back when I used to say “I’ll never do weddings”.  Ha.  Funny how things change :)

I loved my afternoon spent with Sarah and her aunt.  They were so fun to hang out with and I almost felt like I was also part of the family by the end of it.  Sarah is such a cool girl.  And I wish I had a video instead of pictures, just so you could hear her voice.  I love her voice…don’t even know why, I just like it.  It’s definitely a “cool” voice.  And I have no idea what that even means, but she is so sweet and such a loving person.  You instantly feel like she’s someone you want to be friends with by the way she talks to you. 

s cozad and blue door.jpg

s cozad and barn.jpg
s cozad gate and porch.jpg

s cozad backlit BW.jpg

s cozad in boots.jpg

s cozad gazebo doorway.jpg


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